Laser Diode

Where to use a Laser Diodelaser diode

A laser diode produces coherent radiation by producing waves in an infrared or visible spectrum, at the same phase and frequency, when the current passes through this semiconductor device. It is also known as a diode laser or an injection laser.

Specially made this type of diodes emit a narrow beam of photons which is known as laser. Though a diode laser generates a high intensity beam of light but it looks like a normal LED. In other words a this type of diode can be defined as a device which produces a beam of radiation, due to the vibration of a number of atoms, in which all waves are in phase with each other and have single wavelength.



It can be used in a number of applications like.  It is used in telecommunication applications as it can be switched off and on at high frequencies up to 1 GHz.  It can also be used as an ideal solution for healing the sensitive body parts including brain and eyes because on hitting the tissue of the human body laser beam generated by injection laser generates heat.  It can also be used in removing unwanted hair by destroying the hair follicles by exposing them to laser light   It is used in various types of surgeries as the laser beam can be pin pointed to make a cut without damaging nearby tissues.

Comparison with other procedures


The use of a this type of laser diode is superior to other methods of various surgeries because,  The laser beam produced by it makes a precise cut to accomplish the task without damaging the nearby tissues.  The recovery time after laser surgery is also very short than other methods.  In this way, a laser diode is a very versatile device that can be used in wide variety of applications in day-to-day life.